Monday, 2 July 2007

A cuddle is on offer. Want one?

Will my nose ever stop peeling?

I know this kind of question has been asked my millions of people across the world. Perhaps right now as I write this thousands are asking the same thing. I doubt many people are writing about the people who are thinking the same thing - so maybe in that I am unique. I always think about how many people are doing the same thing as me. When I'm eating a banana, a fairly common thing in my book, how many people are doing the same? I was listening to the Ricky Gervais shows on my iPod earlier (that's right me and my iPod's relationship is as strong as ever and he is still singing his heart out to me.) and I was thinking... Ricky Gervais is alive in this world right now. Right as I write this blog he is in the world doing his own thing - If he is in the UK then he is most probably sleeping but still he is there. When he and I are awake are we ever doing the same thing? Jason Mraz right now is alive in the world - is he writing a new song? Doing a show? Just talking to some fans? I have no idea but it makes you think. Tony Blair is alive in this world - how hugely different must his days be to mine? The ramble is back on!

Number 35! I never really expected the blog would keep going as long as this! Its going to have to come to a stop some time soon! I'm going to keep going up to when I get to San Francisco. Maybe I will get to 40 and if I do that is where I'm going to stop. Over my America travels I doubt I will get many chances to get on a computer for a while to give you an update. The only thing I think I will be able to do is to get onto a computer to upload some photos onto facebook - so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you haven't got a facebook account go ahead and get one and add lil Philly! You will feel alot better for it and you will have the pleasure of being able to browse through my photos as you see fit.

I believe I have an addiction. I'm sorry, family and friends, that you had to get it through this. I'm pretty sure this is one that will dramatically reduce my life. The subject of my addiction: Oreo's and Milk. I had to go down to the store about 20 mins ago to stock up. All I have had today is a bowl of cereal, a ham sandwich and the Oreo's. I'm not even half way through the blog and over half the packet has disappeared into the depths of my stomach. The thing is because I want to keep the flow on this blog and not stop writing for too long I end up just putting the whole oreo in my mouth and chewing it up from there - its not like I savour each one, which is really what I should be doing. On the desk next to the computer I have a 1.892 litre bottle of milk, empty of course, and a half full 1 litre bottle. Along side that I have the oreo's, 2 empty bottles of water, my iPod plugged into the speakers, 50+ Suncream, the notebook, a book of Spanish poetry, my camera and the door keys. There you go, just to give you some idea of the mess I am in.

Time to get on with what I did today.

I was speaking to Paul last night on what he was doing today and he invited me to go, with his family, to a canyon they know in Guadalajara. I wanted to make the most of my last few days in Mexico so I accepted. Then he dropped the bomb. "Do you think you could be here for 8.30" - that means I would have to get up at 7.30. Not good. I decided I needed to have some discipline training so I said I would be there. After a restless night filled with nightmares about getting up early I woke up and struggled, after being reminded by the snooze on my phone alarm, to get out of bed. I got ready, eating some Corn Pops in the process, Awesome, and headed for the bus. I got there and they faffed about for a while. All that was on my mind was that I could have had another 30 mins in bed. We had to start of by going into the centre of Guadalajara as Denise and Bruce, Paul's parents, had to renew their tourist permit allowing them to spend another 3 months in Mexico after there trip to England. It took ages. More time I could have spent in Bed. In turned out that the people had not got their forms sorted so we didn't even achieve anything. An official had to go around and visit the church that Bruce and Denis work for to make sure it was all genuine, because of this Bruce had to go and wait at the church for the official. Me, Paul and Denise headed off for the canyon. We got there and found a parking spot and started walking down the canyon. It really was a beautiful place and views around where amazing. This canyon was huge - nothing near the Grand Canyon (which I'm due to also visit in about 1 1/2 weeks! Keep your eyes on facebook for pics) and the walk down would have taken about an hour. Both me and Paul were tired from the early morning wake up so we only went down 1/3 of the way - but it was still good. That is where the pic of the day has come from. I thought it was a really nice picture - but that's my opinion. If you go against my opinion I hate you.

After that we just headed back to Paul's house. On the way home we returned a video to blockbusters and he rented out Casino Royale. I was half expecting we would watch it later in the day but instead we just bummed about a bit - paying some cards and watching some videos on youtube. Paul needed to go to Galerias, the local mall, to get some presents to take home as tomorrow is his last day in Mexico. I was going to go with them and asked if I could leave my bag at the house as I thought we would be coming back to watch the film. It turns out that they were just going to drop me home. I was a bit sad because home for me is boring. The only thing I can do to entertain myself is to write to you guys - so I hope you enjoy reading these!

Yesterday I saw that some film was on - I don't know what the name of the film was - but I have seen it before and I realised that I wanted to see it again. One problemo. It was in Spanish. I fiddled abit on the remote and I saw a button called 'Audio Modo' I hit that bad boy and some options came up on the screen "STEREO SAP MONO" I hit it a couple of times and I got it round to select SAP, after trying the others, immediately beautiful English poured out of the TV and Bruce Willis started talking personally to me. It was a beautiful moment. Later, when G came home, I asked him what that glorious mode meant. SAP - Secondary Audio Programming. I'm in love with SAP.

I have 3 oreo's left and so this is a good idea to start up the wrap up. To finish off I will leave you will the song of the day,

"Did You Get My Message - Jason Mraz" - The version on the Selection For Friends album. Awesomeness.

Did you get my message? DID YOU?
Which reminds me of something,

Do you want a cuddle? DO YOU WANT A CUDDLE?
One person in Sunny England will know what I mean.

For now, Adios.

Love always,


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