Sunday, 1 July 2007

Nothing really happened. You wont learn much from this one. But then, do you ever learn from my blogs?

Well, due to the beast of a blog I did last night, and the fact that nothing at all exciting happened today this will, im sure, be a short but sweet blog. If this displeases anyone then I am truly, deeply and sympathetically sorry. Go watch TV, read a book or relax with an iPod. You know it makes sense.

So I woke up today at a reasonable hour. One of the hands was hitting the 10, im just not sure which one right now. I had my shower and shave and headed for church. The thing is I have only just come back from that building. I sat through the Spanish service, my last one - im not going to lie - it wasnt that emotional, and it came to Lunch. We usually go out for lunch but this time there was some kind of meal that the church were dealing out so I stuck around. All I had was rice. Nice rice.

G is the kind of guy that stays to the very end of these kinds of events, cleaning up and making sure everyone is happy. I stayed with him and helped him clean up. Eventually there was nothing more to clean up and so I just started waiting around. The wait turned to hours so I decided I would seek out a computer that I could pass the time on. In the end I stayed there the whole afternoon. G kept having new things to do around the church. I did try and coax people into doing things by sending texts out in every direction but everyone was busy. So I resigned to the fact that it was going to be a boring day and I scampered back to the computer. I have only just returned home - that means I have been down at the church for near enough 12 hours today. That has got to get some God respect, right?

I really did miss the team up in Mazatlan. It feels like it does after doing one of the school plays. When you are interacting with people on such a close level you feel so lonely when you are left on your own or the fact that you are no longer going to see them, it is a huge possibility that I will never see them again. Hopefully that is wrong, if I am meant to meet them again I will randomly.

There is no pic of the day today. I think you have already figured out that nothing happened today - and so nothing to photogrophise. I dont really expect any complaints seeing that I dished out a handfull of photos yesterday, of which each one would earn me some kind of award and global recognition...

I just put my iPod on shuffle songs and all my 3 Ben's Brother songs came on. The shuffle has only gone through 57 songs - so that is 3 single songs being played out of 2094 songs. Im pretty sure you dont care about it that much - but those are awesome songs. My ears are happy.

There is some competition on the TV called Timbiriche. Its exactly like the English ones - X Factor and Pop Idol. The only difference is that it is in Spanish. So im not going to watch it anymore. Today, I dont really know why, im full of wanting to tell you things that are not going to benefit your day. But by the time you have read it it is too late!

This is the first of my blogs to venture into the dark of July. I hope it finds its place soon enough in that cruel cruel world! Well, by the time you read this it is tomorrow and so it is the 2nd July. Beacuse of this I want to wish the most beautiful girl in the world Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Emily,
Happy Birthday to you.

Ems, I hope you have the best day and even though you are at school I hope that day goes real quick! I hear you are going to Pizza Express tomorrow with friends right? I am so jealous of you going to T4 on the beach! That will be awesome! Do you know who is playing? Missing you more than I miss Scrubs, Englishness and my sofa - so that is saying alot! Love you loads, Philly - Your Bumshine.

The song of the day today is The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra. That song will always now, and for a long time to come, remind me of someone I met in Mazatlan. She walked around the corner singing the song and we spontaneously hit the duet ha ha! So, that song of the day was for her. Im pretty sure she will never read this, but still, its all hers.

Well I think that draws it to a close. It is a shorty but thats ok, there will be plenty more to come.

Love always,


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