Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tiredness, Sunburn and an Early Wake Up, a EWU if you will.

Hello, Good evening or Good day - whatever your present situation is I hope it is a good one! I know mine is, and so I hope that is reflected somwhere across an ocean that I have no idea, nor desire, of what the name is. But, I tell you one thing. It is HOT overhere. Today I heard the first bit of a news in a while from the UK. I heard there is flooding. Hows that going? Enjoying it? It seems to be a fairly regular thing nowadays so you guys must have been ready for it? I tell you what, save me some of the flood water and when I get back you can poor it all over me. I dont want to miss out on a good old flooding now do I! I also heard something else that I have been missing at home - I have heard that we have scaffolding on the side of our house! It would be a perfect opportuinity to train up to become Spider-man.

Like I said, I havnt really heard anything about the UK since I have been here. I guess its because any news that is worth sending down here just comes from the US. A little island like britain isnt really going to have any effect on peoples lives here when they are living in the shadow of the giant USA. I forget how huge America is, but im pretty sure that soon I will have quite a good idea! Travelling across the whole of the US in 3 weeks is going to be quite the adventure!

Enough rambling - and back to what really has happened today. Yesterday, like I told you yesterday, I was invited to go to the sports club with the Waymans. I set my alarm and went to sleep. I woke up about 10 mins before the alarm (isnt it always the way) and just got up then. Usually I would take the advantage of the time and cheekily give me 15 more minutes rest, but today was different - it was get up and go day. So thats what I did. A short bus drive and I was at the Waymans. Of course yesterday they didnt tell me the stuff I needed to bring - flip flops, a towel (well, I should have used common sense on that one) nor suncream (and again) But I managed to borrow all three from them. Good moves with the groooooove.

Once we got there I had to go see a doctor for him to check my feet over. Ha ha, classic. I guess its against foot and mouth, right? Those Mexicans are crazy. I got the clean bill of health and we headed up to the tennis courts. A couple of mins later and I was sweating like someone very sweaty and sending more balls out of the court than ever before. Beautiful. I gave up eventually and me and Paul starting playing some basketball. Again, he is good, I lost. Giving up on that we went down to play some Table tennis. Lost again. Then bought some food. He finished before me. Went for a swim. Played some water polo and things like that. Lost everything. Then some vollyball in the pool. Lost. Lost. Lost. Im good at losing. I can do it perfectly ever time, no matter what the sport!

It was home time, but his parents had already gone home in the car so we got a taxi back to his. It was about a 10 min journey but it only cost $40. Thats about 2 pounds. You would be lucky to get charge that little for just sitting on a taxi seat and getting out again! At home we cooked of some steaks and vegetables and had them in tortillas. Awesomeness. I called my mom (as the americans and mexicans would say) and got through to my gorgeous lil sister and even gorgeouserer brother. A little chat with them and I found out that Mum was out for a meal with Jen, Kieren and Dad. I tried again later - no joy. Left a little message and left it at that. I will try again some time soon - Mum I hope you had an awesome day, love Phil.

I learnt a new card game today. Its a bit like Uno but its called Skip-Bo. Im not going to explain how to play because 1. You wont be interested. 2. You dont now, nor most probably ever, really need to know how to play. But if you do get the chance - its a good game! I won one game and then came second the next. Not bad for a white boy.

Yesterday night something awful happened. Its probably the worst thing that can happen when you are staying at someones house - even worse when you dont speak the same language as them! I went to the toilet and after a while reached down for the toilet paper, nothing but air. I reached down further as my eyes were adjusting to the dark. Nothing. I started to sweat. My heart beat faster and faster. What do I do?!?!!!?!! I decided to breath, calm down and take it easy. I started checking all the little draws, wardrobes and cuboards in the room until at last I found one single toilet roll there, waiting for me! Back to the throne and all was well. Sweat dried off and heart returned to normal. All was well in the world again. At Pauls house today I was in the toilet and went to snatch off some toilet paper. This time my snap wasnt snappy enough and so the whole roll of the toilet paper swiftly unravled and landed in a heap at my feet. I hastily rolled it back up and left the bathroom as soon as possible.

Im really tired today, I do have more to say - but I will save that for tomorrow! Im sorry its a short one but tiredness, sunburn and an early wake up all seem alot better after a good nights sleep! You see - I havnt even created that much of a creative title.

No song of the day nor picture of the day. Stupid iPod. Stupid nothing to photograph. Im sorry, I will try to do better soon.

Love always,


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