Wednesday, 20 June 2007

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Its a very bloated blog that is coming at you today. I have just got back from the Mens barbeque up in the hills of Quadalajara. Just being present at the mens barbeque made me feel strong, tough and the need to eat lots and lots of meat. I think I had to bold up the 'men' just to give you a full effect of the atmosphere up in the mountains. It was dark when we were coming down to G's house and the view was amazing looking over Guadalajara with all the little house's lit up. I was aloud to appreciate the beauty on the way down, I was no longer with the men.

Hello, glad you could make it back again! I hope you appreciate the pic of the day today, it was taken at the mens barbeque. When everyone was outside talking Spanish at each other I snuck inside with a camera and went to town on anything that would give me a reflection, the result, as you can see, is perfection. I had to keep posing and then pretending that I was doing something completely innocent when people went past with meat, cakes and plates to clean. Of course I had to look innocently manly, due to the company I was in.

Lets rewind to the start of the day shall we? It was a nice easy wake up at 8. This is one of the pluses to living with G - there is no rush for me to get a lift into school with the boys. I can take my sweet time with it (Half a scrubs quote there. First one to give the context wins, well, nothing. Still fun though). So I get up and shower, leisurely, and wander down the road to the bus. On the bus I remember my iPod is broken, still, so I get nice and grumpy. After the bus it is still a 15 min walk to the school, but hey, I get in my exercise. Woo.

Straight into the library for me. I finished the Junior Fiction section today. Proud of me? Well, if your not I think Mum and Dad will be. Once I finished that I thought I deserved a break, in which I went to the teachers lounge - im not a teacher, taking liberties or what! ha ha! - and checked out whats new on the information super highway. Not much was new so I went back to the library where I offered to continue going on the kids section. Big woop. I finished at about 2.30 but I didnt want to go home because I knew I would get bored, so I just went back to the T's lounge and geeked it up a bit more. I was starting to get hungry so I wandered back to the bus stop and popped into an 'Oxxo' on the way back. They are pretty much a sainsburys local kind of store. I just went for the classic oreos and half a litre of milk. It went down smooooooth! Back onto the bus and I slowly made my way across town until I was back at a computer - completely bored and waiting for G to pick me up to take me to the mens barbeque. I had to go around and meet him at the church. Up the hill 30 mins later and the awkwardness began. I couldnt talk to anyone else because they didnt speak much English, and they knew not to talk to me because I didnt speak much Spanish. I ended up getting alot of meat and going back inside to play on the guitar. I realised, whilst digesting a whole lot of pure, chargrilled meat that im not really that great at writing songs. Which was a shame, I thought that was something that I could do ok. Never mind - I can just be famous in everything else - I can let song writing go, for now.

Here comes the other things that I was going to write about yesterday, but I didnt have the energy to do so. I hope you appreciate them today.

Yesterday I got sun burnt and I paid for it today. I have a shoulder bag and it cut right down into my rosy shoulders. The walk, without an iPod to offer the distraction, was even longer. But im a lil solider so I didnt complain. Mostly because I was alone and it would have been pointless to complain to a stranger, I dont know how to complain in Spanish. I think that is the subject I should I should concentrate to learn next. Everyone needs a good complain once in a while. Im pretty sure I got burnt through my t-shirt as well because I rarely took it off all day. The Mexican sun has one up on England - our Sun can only dream about burning people through t-shirts!

Whilst playing another round of Skip-Bo with the Waymans (I dont know if I told you, but I won one of the games. Ha ha! Representin' England) Bruce, father wayman, quipped "There is a difference between doing the right thing and following the culture". I thought it was quite interested and completely true. Do these 'gangstars' think that they are doing the right thing when they are following through what there gangs or familys have brought them up to do. Surely if they dont know any different then they would. A baby, should you not warn them, would happily but there hand in a fire because they know no different. If they, the gangstars, have had no previous moral teaching would they think twice about robbing and killing. Do they feel any kind of twinge on the old heart strings? A nice little ramble there for you. Havnt seen many of them recently, I guess we are out of season. But, should you hear the scrapings of a ramble outside your house at night - show some heart and leave out a saucer of milk, semi-skimmed if you please, and some corn pops.

So, I am coming to the run down of my Mexico time. I bet these last two weeks are going to go the quickest because I have finally got something to do for myself. I have been busy every day what with sports clubs, lincoln and barbeques and next week I will be going to the beach. This time is going to sail by. Its weird really, you know that is the signal of some thinking on my part, that in this time I have built up so many relationships with people in the church, the oasis project and at lincoln that im just going to draw a line under in two weeks. I doubt that I will see these people again, and so thats it. I will soon be nothing more than a memory. Sure I will try to keep in touch, but how long will that last? 'Keeping in touch' always seems to loose its appeal after a couple of months. Not because I would no longer want to speak to these people - its just that your life seems to drift back into what it was before you met these people. Im quite excited about the people that are going to be travelling around america with me. What are they going to be like? Same age as me? Is there going to be a guy that I click with? Is there going to be a girl that I click with? Who knows...

Well, that definatly does it for me. It is time for bed. Good night all. See you here again, same time tomorrow.

Love always,


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