Thursday, 21 June 2007

Dogs rule (the rooftops)

Its an early one today. Mostly because I have nothing to do at all until 5.30 when I am heading back to the school so I can meet some people before we go and play basketball. Instead of just moping about I thought I would come back home and give you something to read tomorrow, or if you are crazy tonight!

As you can see in the pic of the day Dogs love roofs. Wherever you go in Mexico there is always a dog on a roof barking down at the passers by. I have no idea how they get up there, or even why they get up there, but you can bet your bottom dollar that one will be there.

Today has been pretty much te exact copy of yesterday. I went into the school (I made it in quite early actually, walking through the gates at 9) and headed for the library. I covered about 7 bookcases and then went on checking that the books on the other bookcases are all there. It is a thrilling, edge of your seat kind of job. I just hope that somebody hasnt already completed it whilst I am writing for you so that I might be able to do some tomorrow. At break I had a can of coke and a doughnut. You know, I went for the healthy option. I stayed at school way past the end of the day just because I really didnt want to come home real soon, and the fact that I just had to come back again really didnt make me ecstatic about the journey. However, for want of something to take away my boredom I did step on the bus and so am here now.

At least I have the basketball game to look forward to. It is Eric and Nacho's last game tonight, so it will be an emotionally sweaty experience. Wes, an old friend from England, who started this thursday night sporting epic is also in town at the moment so he will be joining us. It was Eric and Wes that started it up and so it has come round full circle so that Eric's last game is with Wes. Quite touching if I wasnt so manly.

The dogs are going crazy outside my window. They always seem to be. I think they are just standing in as my alarm clock because everyday they wake me up at about 6.00. It is at exactly that time as well that a truck goes past screaming out some jingle about buying gas. I have no idea what it is saying, but I have a good idea of how annoying it is. Some kid just started shouting outside my window and for a second I thought "What is he screaming about, I dont understand a single word he is saying". Then I remembered I was in Mexico and that he was speaking Spanish. I sometimes just get caught up in everything, and any logic just slips me by. For example it still amazes me that you guys are 6 hours ahead of me. So that means that when I speak to one of you it is like my words are time traveling. Its weird. I know they arnt really, they would need a DeLorean to do that. Geek. Yes, thank you.

On the DeLorean subject today, on the bus, I saw someone wearing a hoddy with 'Ireland' on the back. How weird is that! Someone in Mexico is walking around personally advertising a country that he probably dosnt know the location of nor knows anyone that has set foot in. Then again I have seen alot of weird clothing over here. One of the kids in the church was wearing a t-shirt with a pimped out Popeye. That was a bit too crazy for my liking. He was wearing all the bling and a bandanna. To be honest if he was a gangstar I deffinetly would not want to cross him. I bet he wouldnt deal drugs, just spinach. Chug Chug Chug.

I dont have anything more to say today. Im sorry, today has been a short rambling performance - its all due to nothing interesting happening at all. So, if you want to blame someone, blame Mexico.

Love always,



I thought, when I had come back from my intense basketball session, that I would add a little bit more to this blog, as it was a tad short. I love classic British words. An American friend commented on how much we use the word 'ages'. I dont really know about that - I havn't used that word in ages. Dammit.

I did my own washing today! And I mean completely alone. Whey! To be honest I wasnt sure whether they were going to come out clean, or somehow more dirty than I put them in - but all was well. I even managed to get them onto a line to dry. It started raining earlier and, amoungst the men at the basketball game and against my manly nature, I wanted to comment "My washing is going to get wet". I held back, I realised that I didnt want to sound completely like my mother.

Basketball was good fun today - I didnt really play that much - and I didnt have much company because everyone else was playing, but I had a good time. Wes didnt come in the end which was a shame, but oh well, his loss. After the game we ordered some pizzas and went back to one of the guys house to watch the football game. Mexico vs Guadalupe. I cant even remember what the score was and it was about 15 mins ago. I was too impressed by his house to care. He has an indoor pool, a pool table, bar and roof garden. It was a beautiful house. There is an indoor balcony that looks over the pool which as the pool table on so you can chat to someone swimming as you watch TV or play pool. Perfect. I played some pool, and lost mostly, until my and Paul challanged some Mexicans to an inter racial match. Of course we won. Easily. Toot of my own trumpet thank you. The pizza's took ages to come (dammit again) but in the end they were good! Washed down with some coke and/or gatorade and it was a real good evening! A nice little ride back in the back of Nacho's pick up truck and I am home again, home and dry.

I think that really does brings you up to date on what happened today.

Love always, again


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