Friday, 22 June 2007

3 Pictures! Picturelific.

Blog number 30! Congratulations you have given birth to a beautiful baby blog, weighing in at 30 pounds, 30 centimeters in length and crying enough for 30 human babies. The thing is, it isn't crying... verbal ramblification is the correct term in the medicine world.

Well, enough of that, isn't it slightly impressive that I have been able to keep up a daily blog for 30 days? I think it is. And so I am going to treat myself to something tomorrow. Who knows what it could be - some candy, a fish perhaps even a kettle. The world (with Mexico as its borders) is my oyster. Today has seen the come about of quite a big change to the Guadalajara world. Two members of the church leave tomorrow morning at 8, never to return again. That may be a little too dramatic - but it could be true. I was told I made a yawn to dramatic today - I think yawns are yearning to be actors really, when one comes about it is sure to put on a good show no matter who the yawner is. I guess the change only occurred at the end of the day when we had a party to say goodbye to Nacho and Ester, Eric and Becka and welcome Wes, Marlena and Family as 'well as Shane and Margret (Those who can remember, Shane and Margret are the parents of Dane, a friend we made at a church camp ages ago. Dane wasn't with them but I hear that he is living near the Ashby's so I will have to make sure I see him then). Its weird because yesterday I drew a person on a piece of card and underneath it said 'Soon things are going to change. I didn't really think about what I was writing, nor did I remember that this leaving party was happening tonight - I just wrote whatever was on my mind and it came true. Maybe tonight I will draw a pile of money and 'People called Phil win the Lottery'. If I win, only the people that have been daily reading this blog get some money. In that pic you can also see the subjects that I wanted to talk about yesterday crossed out. You can see how the mind of Phil Clarke works. Unlucky.

I just received a spam email with loads of rubbish in it. Here is the starting paragraph,

Dirty there over security, alone be able, increase prevent.
Language visit worldwide, note java machine not. Deploy manage
webbased send profile free newsletter rss! As, functional, or simply
really lock down pc also? Copy best, genuine xp activation.

What is the point? I'm pretty sure anyone that gets that little beauty is going to delete it straight away. Does someone actually sit down and write these things, or is it random words that the computer thinks are funny... It sounds like it is just a whole bunch of keywords that people might search for - search me for the reason to send it to people...

The pic of the day shows Me, Eric Pragger and Paul Wayman in our full glory. In fact today I think I'm going to throw quite a few pictures at you because I have been neglecting my camera duties recently. I'm going to miss seeing Pragger (as us cool people call him) around school and playing basketball with him. He is a really like able guy and, apart from Oscar and family, was the first English speaker I know. He is going up to live in San Diego, California. Its alright for some. Just newly wed they are going up to the States to plant a new church.

One of the people that ate the pizza with us last night wasn't feeling too good today. He was the only one that was affected by the pizza, thank goodness, I cant afford, with my busy schedule of children to feed, sick to heal and lives to change, to be taken down by illness. He still came with us to the Mall, which was awesome, and I got to get to know a whole new group of people. Some kids where playing Call of Duty 3 on one of those 'Try me' xbox's, so I stepped up to the mark and completely dominated the game. Its the first time I have felt the cool reassurance of a xbox controller and it felt good, too good. I also got some pic 'n' mix. Awesome.

I guess its time for me to tell you about my day. I woke up, today it was a 9.30 wake up. I swear they are getting later and later - not good, and heading into school after doing all the wake-up-in-the-morning stuff. Straight into the library and I was covering the bookshelf's with the plastic - which I completed today! Result! Every single book in that library is safe from the wrath of summer, for now. I actually took a load of pictures of my good word - they will be appearing on facebook some time soon along with loads of random pictures I have been taking lately. I cannot face trying to upload photos onto facebook using a computer on dial up.

The lads and ladies came to pick me up from school at about 2.30 and we headed to Gallerias, a mall in Guadalajara. The girls were meant to be looking for prom dresses for there ball, but the just went to a coffee shop. Us lads got bored pretty quickly and heading out to check out the sweet store, food court and the xbox you have already heard about. It really was good fun, and I felt like one of the 'lads' but it was short lived - before not to long we were getting back on the bus and the lads were leaving for home. Home is pretty boring for me so I stayed with the ladies and walked around for ages looking for a box for one of the girls to buy to put a cake in that she made for her boyfriend. That was quite a hefty sentence, you may even need to read it twice to make sure you fully understand the situation. Do it now, if you must, I can wait. We went back to her house to decorate the cake. The Mexicans have a saying, I have no idea what it is in Spanish - they always seem to know how to say it in English, but it is "This is your house". You can never really feel more welcomed than that. But it never really is your house, there is still the same unease of what to say, do or simply where to sit. Anyway, I still like it - and I think us Brits should be just as welcoming!

On the bus coming back to town I saw a skate park, or what I assume is a skate park. All it had was two ramps. One, a flat driveway ramp was way to steep - I reckon it was coming in at at least 50°. The other, way across the ground from the first was just a small quarter pipe. I have never seen anyone skate anywhere near such a poor excuse for a skate park and I imagine the ramps are feeling extremely unloved and unwanted. I wanted to get off the bus and give them a hug, but I don't think this is the right image I should be setting myself. Walking from the bus to G's house I saw the smallest ever play park I have ever seen. I think the area is just about 2 metres squared. In face I took a picture of it - so I think I can afford to give you one more on this beautifully colour full blog.

It could be that tomorrow is the last blog for a while. I am heading to the beach Sunday afternoon, or, at the latest, Monday morning. As a result, and I'm not sure what the computer situation is down at the Wywan Base, you will not be getting a daily blog - most likely you wont get one until next Saturday. I'm not really sure how you are going to cope - but it is a good opportunity to go back and re read some of the classic blogs from the weeks passed. If you want you can write an essay to me pointing out the good and bad points and how you might improve them.

The blog at this time is at least 1 meter long and is beginning to ramble by itself. A truly remarkable event in the literature world. Also, if you think that my spelling has been on form, well better form than the previous posts, its only because I have discovered the spell check button. You learn something new everyday. I will speak to you again tomorrow before our brief break.

Love always,


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