Monday, 18 June 2007

Dejà Vú using a Miami Vice eating some Pizza.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Sir Philip Clarke.

I assume I am to be knighted on my return to England due to my life changing work in Mexico. I just thought that I would be able to cash in on the change to my name before it actually happens because I know that it is guaranted.

You are lucky that I am finding the time to do this during my hectic schedule. Ok, so it is 12 pm and at the moment it is not so much hectic, more just hot. But still - there have been times when I havnt bothered to inform you of my day to day actions due to how much energy I have. To be honest I havnt really done that much today - and so my energy should be at a high level... but oh no. I sometimes get out of breath really randomly - brushing my teeth, getting on a bus - someone said today that it was due to the altitude. Nah, its due to me not doing enough exercise - but then again, thats a lie - you all know about my olympic swimming efforts, then there is Thursday night Basketball and the occasional Vollyball game. I think I am doing quite well! I havnt been able to swim in a while due to not living at the Suarez's, which is annoying - but just before I left something went wrong with the pool - it was not holding onto its water, just letting it slip between its fingers. Well, slip between its tiles. And it was getting real dirty... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Just letting some feminimeity escape me. Just manlyness left now. Good. With the pool situation it could be that no-one is swimming these days! Which is awesome - it means that those sneaky Mexicans wont be getting more training than the Brits.

Today was really hard to wake up - I guess I was writing the blog in the early hours after attempting to watch Space Jam in Spanish. I failed. Still, it shouldnt be that hard - I was used to getting up at 7 each day for work about a month ago. Once again I am going to put it down to the altitude and the fact that I was writing something to entertain you savages, well, hopefully entertain you beautiful savages.

Got up at 9.35 and did all the morning stuff, I guess everyone does that every day so you dont really need to hear me ramble on about that. I have probably wasted enough space already telling you that so it would have been better for me just to tell you anyway. I just keep going... and going... and going. Stop.

Good. I eventually got to the bus stop to get going to school. I waved down a bus and it just drove straight past me. I got a bit angry because I just assumed it was because I looked all touristy, but then I saw a bus stop just up the road where it has just stopped and I hadnt bothered to walk up the road a bit. After getting the next bus that came around I was on my way. It was, again, a music free day and so the bus journey, and the 15 min walk to the school after alighting the bus seemed to take way longer. I got into school at about 10.30 and headed for the library. I continued my inventory checking job, checking the whole of a bookcase, and thought I deserved a break. At the same time Paul text me to see if I wanted to go around and hang out. I was out of the library before someone could say 'Fillipe your cool' - lets be honest, its going to be rarely said anyway - but I realised I had no idea where he lived. After asking some of the Teachers (I dont know why but I had a real urge to write 'After asking some of the T-Shirts') I managed to blag myself a lift around to his house. What can I say? British charm overcomes all.

We hung about for a bit playing guitar, talking to his parents and getting some information on the beach trip, Newday and guitars to buy (I manage to talk to anyone about my future guitar ha ha, or 'jaja' as the locals would say). We decided to get some movies out and just laze about watching them. Somehow Paul managed to borrow his parents car and we gangstar rolled down to Blockbusters (They have them over here! Are they an American company? Oxteds one was better) and got some movies. Miami Vice and Dejà Vú. We got Deja Vu out but then I wasnt sure if I had already seen it.


If you spotted the joke in that last line then give yourself a pat on the back. If not, you are not welcome here. Please leave and close the gate at the bottom of the path.

We cooked off some pizza's and settled down to watch Dejà Vú. It was pretty good. If you have seen it then you will know how STUPID that thing that the cops use. I thought it was stupid even before they did what they did with it. How can you see INSIDE the house? I guess it is only a film. A stupid film. All in all it was good, just stupid. You get me? If you dont, you are stupid. It finished and we went downstairs to talk to the rents again. I really like his family - and they made me feel really welcome, I wish I was staying with them - but I cant leave now, and this guy isnt as bad as I think he is - G is cool. We played a game a bit like Uno called Skip-Bo. It was pretty good, but I lost. I just need to practice right? I will be the best at every olympic sport, and by the time I finish practicing it WILL be an olympic sport. We got all the family together and watch Miami Vice. I wasnt really that impressed - at all. Quite boring actually, but oh well, they cant all be amazing - otherwise the amazing ones will be just normal.

Last night I was getting a bit peckish (now there is a british word for you! You wouldnt get a Mexican saying that) so I thought I would head on downstairs to get some cereal. I was quite looking forward to it, but I had to be a bit stealthy because I didnt want to wake up G. I crept past his door and took one step on the stairs. As soon as my foot hit that top step the alarm went off and when I say off I mean OFF!!!. It was SO loud. All I did was freeze at the top of the stairs, hoping that it would stop. It didnt stop. I went to G's door and knocked, I dont really know why I knocked - its not like he wasnt going to be awake with the alarm going off! He staggered out of the room, went downstairs and hit the code on the alarm - silence. Beautiful silence. He is too much of a nice guy to be mad at me and he started apologising for activating the alarm! I said it was my fault and that I was sorry and, smiling, he went upstairs and back to sleep. Still in shock I settled down and ate my cereal the, creaping so slowly back upstairs, I went to bed. Excitment over.

Its now 12.30 here and I need to be at Pauls house for 9.30 tomorrow to go around to the sports club! Check me out - sports woo. I knew Mexico would change me. I think we are going to play tennis. I havnt played tennis in ages so that should be real fun.

The pic of the day today is Me with Justus/Justice at the church. Again you can see me modelling how good a sun burn looks on a Brit - with the forehead-nose combo. I really wanted to get a pic of the both of us, seeing that soon I will be stealing him to come with me on the USA travels. What an awesome kid. The only song that I can think is worthy of song of the day is Blackbird - the Beatles. I was playing it on guitar today. Lovely jubbly.

One last message, as I guess you will be reading this tomorrow - the 19th June.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Mummy,
Happy Birthday to you.

I hope you have an amazing day at the Sancturary and I hope you love what the guys have bought you. I dont want to say what it is, just in case you havnt got it yet... but I hope you love it like I love you. Sorry I cant be there - being in Mexico is a bit of a tricky location for me. Love Love.

Love always,


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