Sunday, 17 June 2007

Phwoar! Blog number 25 is screaming out at you at 36kbps. Kill your speed not a child. Im quite impressed that I have struggled against the elements to get a daily blog out to you. The elements in this equation being tiredness, hungriness and mexicanness. Not quite devestating elements, but most surely influential. Geektastic.

What a beautiful thing a Dial Up connection is. Beautifully slow - but still beautiful. It takes its time with things, and I tell you what, there is no chance of a virus - the connection wouldnt be able to take downloading one. By the time it had downloaded the computer would have known it was coming and set a sneaky little trap. Coming from broadband down to dial up is quite a shock. Bit like a cave man discovering fire then forgetting how he made it. Most probably he burned the instructions.

Today has been wonderfully regular. I woke at about 9 and tried to charge the iPod again - to no luck. Im pretty sure that it is just being stubborn. It knows full well that all it has to do is eat up a bit of electricity, but it knows that that is exactly what I want it to do, so it wont even think about it. I decided I should be in a sulk all day long. The sulk didnt really last that long because Wes, someone that I knew ages ago back in England, was visiting Fuente De Vida (the church) today and so I was really happy to talk to him again! After a preach in which I didnt have a clue what is going on, im pretty sure that he was just praising everything about me, how blessed the church is to have me in its presence, we went to a seafood restaurant. Now this is the kind of restaurant I like - I 'sea-food' and eat it. Ha ha, im hilarious, but im pretty sure you all just died a little in side. I dont really like sea food so much - so I chickened out and went for the battered fish - a little piece of Britain in the sea that is Mexico. I would have much rather litterally 'chickened out'.

After seaing way to much food we went back to Nacho's for a little bit and then off to Arenalus for some baptism's. All they had was a kids paddling pool to baptise adults. It was a messy and wet affair, but still in a happy atmosphere. Once again I played with Justice. I was also told today that it is not Justice, but Justus. He was a Roman Centurian in the Bible. I quite liked Justice - so im going to keep calling him that, but secretly. These days he recognises me and holds his arms out for me to hold him. When he does it I feel special. Woo! Some of the boys from the Oasis project where at the event, and so we gave them a lift home before heading for home ourselves. We didnt quite make it as G called his brother to see if he would like to play pool with us. 4 of us set out to play pool - but only two returned as champions. And it wasnt me and G. I was feeling quite confident from my last pool experience, however it was short lived. I think in the whole time we played I potted the 8 ball at least 3 times. All of which we lost as a result. I blame the weather, the felt carpet, the cue, the balls, the 'something in my eye' and most importantly the crisps we were given. Basically anything but me was at fault.

There are more cowboy hats here than at cowboy land. Yeah it is a real place, just south of Indianonia Wild West. I didnt really know what to expect from Mexico in the way of hats - I guess I thought I would see a whole lot of sombrero's, but in fact I am yet to see one. I havn't seen them in the streets nor in shops and markets. What's wrong with this place? Are my stereotypes so out of date? I think I NEED a picture of me in a sombrero to justify my visit to Mexico. Otherwise who is going to beleive I have been here rather than just staying in a toilet in Croydon for 6 weeks.

The beach is off for this week, Paul has things to do, places to see and exuses to make to me. Well, he has got some pretty strong reasons not to go this week. He applied for a job a while back to work in Lincoln school and he should be finding out if he has got the job this week. I also found out today that the good-bye party for Nacho and Ester, Eric and Becka is this week. I really wanted to go to that so its a good thing really. On top of all that there is a mens barbeque this wednesday. I think it is important, with my reputation, that I should attend such a masculine event. I have already started planning to go next week, well, the furthest I have actually planned it is calling Oscar for him to plan it.

My sun burn is clearing up quite nicely thank you very much. I dont think my skin would have coped with a trip to the beach in its present condition. Im going to try and upload a pic of the day - but im not too hopeful with the connection situation. If you can see it, congratulations to me. It shows me, sunburn included, with something with which you can rate the sunburn.

As I told you earlier my iPod is broken so there isnt really that much of a chance of a song of the day - however you will be ecstatic to know that we listened to some music in the car to the pool and a song came on that I havnt heard in a while. In fact this is one of the songs that me and Mr Pollock did at the talent show back at Oxted School. Nuff Respect.

The Eels - Mr E's Beautiful Blues

Its a classic.

This week, on Tuesday, marks the month stage of my trip to Mexico, but still not even reaching the half way point of the whole of my travels. Two and a half weeks left in Mexico and 4 more in the States. I still have the flutter of fresh guitar on my heart - as well as the possibility of a new iPod. Hopefully not, but I would rather have to get a cheaper one here than back in the UK. Im going to bop into the Apple store in San Fran whilst I am there - im too scared to try my luck in Guadalajara - im pretty sure the workers there would laugh in my face.

I should go now before this computer decides to disconnect.

Te Amo,

Love always,


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