Saturday, 16 June 2007

Take a break. Watch a movie. I guess you may aswell have a Kit Kat.

Well, there we have it. I am now sitting in a cyber cafe on the side of the road because the computer that G is just isnt working. He hasnt paid the telephone bill - and so his service has been suspended. It dosnt really matter though. He has dial up.... so it would take me about a year to get something writing up and posted. I am surronded by Mexicans, playing games, chating to friends and some Mexican music pumping out behind me. Joy, oh joy. I dont even know where I pay for what I am using... my plan is just to turn to the person next to me and say "¿Donde?" Thrusting some money at them - 'donde' is of course 'where'. Classy Phil, real classy.

Today was a let down. For starters I will get you up to date on what happened after the lunchtime blog yesterday. I went into the library one I had finished with you and did a whole bookshelf - making sure all the books were present and correct! I started getting a head ache, and Paul came in to tell me they were playing basketball. I just thought it was right for me to have a break. I went outside and played with them for a bit, of course I practially had to teach them how to play because there were not hardcore players like me... That went on for a while, well - to the end of school! Another extended break. I like them! We just sort of hung about outside playing basketball and vollyball. I really like vollyball now I dont care if it makes me a girl. Its good clean fun. We did the classic 'see how many you can keep it up for' game. Old school fun. After that I watched the team practice vollyball - the coach even asked me to help out, he probably saw I was an out and out athlete the moment he set his eyes on me.

As a result of my actions - I got burnt.

Just my foreand nose - classic british sun burn hot spots. Im actually quite glad I was really - It meant that I was outside long enough! Out of the cold of the Resource room and Library and I actually got some exercise. Hopefully the pink will turn to brown, that is of course before it peels off, obviously.

I said goodbye to a friend, again. I thought the last time I was going to see her on Thursday - so I said goodbye then and it was done. Then I saw her again on the friday (she was at the vollyball practice) and so we had to go through the traumatic ordeal once again! But im glad I saw her again - I only really started talking to her on the Thursday - so we got an extra day to get to know each other. Good times.

After this I got the bus home from Lincoln school - you see - I am pretty much a local! I had a shower and soon enough G was back again to take me out. Woo. We went to his friends house with about 6 other people to play cards and just eat loads of food it appeared. We went out to get some pizza - I was expecting him to get a large pizza - maybe even 2 if I was lucky. We came home with 6 medium pizzas. Result! A lot of eaten food later, and way to much coke that my teeth will allow and we started playing cards. The game we played was like Poker - same hands won, Flush = 'Color', 4 of a kind = 'Poker' - but in this version you each have 3 chips. The person with the lowest hand loses one of their chips and it goes into the middle. Once you have lost all your chips you are out. The number of chips in the middle, after more and more games, is the number on the card that is the 'Wild Card' - it can be any card you want. So if there is 4 chips in the middle, the 4 of any suite becomes the wild card. I didnt do to bad! I cam third and the two other people only had one chip and the other two. Dosnt sound to complicated does it? Well, try understanding the rules in Spanish. Adds a certain complicated edge to it! After that we ate some more food and then played Uno! I havnt played it in ages, I used to love it, but these guys were SOOO slow!!! Boringist game I have ever played. Eventually it all ended and I got home at 03.50. Yes, that is in the morning. What really didnt help is the stupid dogs outside having a fight at 8. Idiots.

I got up at about 12 after drifting in and out of dog interupted sleep and watched some movies that I found in a cuboard. I would have been down at the church watching the guys practice in the band, as usual, but two of the guys are out of town so it would have been a bit of a dull practice. I thought I should just chill out - watch some movies and then head over the Arenalus to play football with the street children out there. That was wicked, BUT I had forgotten to put on some suncream - so my already burnt arms were really hurting. I kept trying to hide them under my t-shirt out of the sun. Thankfully the clouds came out to play and I was saved from the wrath of the sun.

I went back to Nacho's after this and played with little Justice again. Ester actually called me Uncle Phil today. Ha ha! What has that boy got himself into. I made me really happy because I had a title to go along with the place I had in there lives - if you get what I mean...

Nacho has just dropped me off back at G's house so I wandered around here before I got back and no doubt I will watch some more movies. The day could definatly have been better, but then it could have been a whole lot worse - burns on burns? No thank you.

There is no song of the day today because I have barely listened to my iPod. I was listening in the morning, but the battery ran out so it kind of reset. The thing is, it didnt have enough power to turn it on so that it could charge it self. I have no idea who designed that part of the iPod but it is the stupidist thing ever. Even when its plugged into charge it runs of the battery to turn itself on, it just dosnt have enough battery so that it can start charging itself. STUPID. I really really really hope it can be fixed easy because I have a 6 hour coach ride to the beach in the near future - as well as driving across the whole of America in 3 weeks. That journey is going to NEED an iPod.

Thank you very much for taking some time out of your busy day just to catch up what is happening in the Mexican world of Phil Clarke. I will let you get back to being British.

Love always,


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