Friday, 15 June 2007

Ring the bell. Nothing. Street light goes out. Uh oh.

So thats it. The end of an era. I have officially moved to Guillermo's house. I didnt really know how to spell his name, nor am I able to pronounce it correctly. These Mexicans do some crazy things when there are two ll's next to each other. Dont ask me why, 'muy loco'.

Are you ready to hear something that will shake your world. What you know as fact you will doubt. Guillermo (Im just going to go ahead and put a G when I need him, so, G has dial up. Take a second for that to sink in. I heard that dialling up noise when I went onto the computer, I lifted the phone and there it was taunting me. Beacuse of his technology I am not even able to log onto this site, It just freezes up - so the only way I can get some blogs up is when I am at school, the church or someone elses church. Im in the school right know just geeking it up. Very nice.

Yesterday was a mess. I started off at school (getting a lift in with Oscar for the last time!) and headed for the library. I have managed to escpae the horror of the Resource room, and I feel alot better! I started off covering some more of the books, break a stool in the process woo, and then G came to pick me up so that I could get my stuff from Oscars and take it over to his. He then had to go to a meeting, so i just sat at his house. I found the film 8 Mile and watched that. Afterwards I felt sufficiently gangstar and got a lift back to the school where I continued checking the inventory of all the books in the library. I get the classy jobs!

Then I did meet up with the girls, no more standing up me! I think they are scared from my gangster apperance. So we went to Starbucks, it was just me and a girl called Diane at the start and then everyone came. It was good to talk to her because she is leaving on Saturday, so it was pretty much my last chance. A hot chocolate later (im in Mexico, its really hot but I still drink hot chocolates! Hardcore!) and we headed over to Lincoln school for the Thursday Basketball game. I played one game, then stopped. They are all to good and I just get in there way. Awesome. So I went to play on a different court and me and some other guy took on two girls. That felt alot better. I discovered today that I have a blister on a blister. I tell no lie. A couple of plasters later and that was all fine.

After the basketball game we went to get some more tacos, this time I ate 6 - and still had room for more. I think the 10 taco challange is something that I could easily dominate. It was back to Nacho's after that for Eric to pick up his wife and then they gave me a lift home. G had gone to bed. I'm not really sure how he expected me to get in because I didnt have any keys. So I stood outside and the best I could do was ring the doorbell. Tried once. Waited a bit. No answer. Rang twice. Waited a bit. Nothing. I kept ringing the bell. The bell broke. Still nothing. The street light above me head goes out. Poeople are walking down the street towards me. Still nothing. I call Eric to see if he could call G, I didnt have his number. Neither did he. People are getting closer on the pavement. I call Oscar. Nothing. They are clever. They are asleep. Still nothing. The bell is working again! I keep ringing. Nothing. The people coming down the street have disappeared. I dont really know if thats a good thing. The street light comes back on. I keep ringing, and ringing and ringing. The bell breaks. Nothing. Then, 2 minutes later, footsteps on the extremely creaky stairs. A bleary eyed G comes to the door, slightly confused and still half asleep. Something. I go up stairs, I go to bed. Back to nothing.

So, that was my day. The end was a bit of a whimper, but most of it was a bang. I reckon I was outside his house for at least half an hour. Well, its all part of the Mexican experience right? I saw two things that made me think yesterday.

1. There are loads of men that just stand on the side of the road waiting for people to pick them up to give them a job for the day. The only thing is that they only thing every single one of the has is a spade. Now, a spade is quite a limited tool I think. Its single task is really just digging a hole. Thats pretty specific. Sure, maybe they just have the spade to knock out the employee and take his money. But I doubt it. Why dosnt one of them think to change it up a little bit? Why not take a Saw and a Spade? Now you can dig and chop. A mans perfect job. I think I should be a career adviser for these men. I have all the fresh ideas.

2. You've been to France yeah? You know how all the French people just seem to know you are foreign the second they see you and they stare, and they just dont stop until you are completely out of sight. The same thing happens over here. Except because of the numerouse moustaches the stares are a bit more fluffy. I guess, in that respect, a Mexican stare is more friendly than a French stare. I'd like to put them both into a staring contest and see how they do. That would be fun.

There is no pic of the day today because im at school and I cant upload things yet. Someday I will find out how to, but not now. I do have a song of the day - even though the day is only half through. I listened to it on the bus,

Flying My Guilt Over A Quilt by Jason Mraz

And that is it, lovely people. The library calls for my heroic actions so I will bid you farewell.

Love always,


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