Friday, 25 May 2007

Twist and Turn. One little busy bee.

"Not being able to have what you want when you want it only makes you want it more'er"

I thought I would give the 'Absense makes the heart grow fonder' a little twist. Mission complete. My one sounds ALOT better. The reason for this is because I miss Oxted. Today I saw 5 rats, apart from in my family (cheeky) I wouldnt see that even in 6 months. Its not that I dont like them... its just because its all different. I miss seeing all my friends and family, all the ladies and the lads. I miss being able to call you guys up to see what you are doing over the weekend, well, I could still do this... but I dont think it would achieve anything. If you are one of the crew you are always in my thoughts.

Im picking up bits of Spanish here and there, Manzana = Apple, Hoy = Today, but none of it really seems to help. I really like the language though and if I had the patience then I would definetly want to learn it properly. Shame I left my patience in England...

I went into the local school, 'Lincoln School', and it looks like I can start to volunteer on Monday! I will be working alongside teachers in PE, Maths and in the Resource Department. So that should be interesting! I dont know how much they expect me to know of Maths, but we will soon find out! Then again, im not exactly a sporty guy... lets hope the Resource Department has low expectations!

After going to the school I went on to a group of people running the Oasis Project. This is a building that they have converted into a sort of hostel. They take in children off the street who have been kicked out by there parents, or just dont have any parents at all. They are such a happy group it makes you think twice about how we live our own lives. Playing football on the roof was a real pleasure with those boys.

So, that took up the most of the day, and before I knew it I was munching on some KFC as the rest of the Suarez family talk spanish over my head, the few words I do know keep cropping up in conversation and I tell myself that I can almost understand them. There is one last thing we did, we went into the town centre of Guadalajara where we got some pizza and a donut type thing, oh and a can of Arizona which is a really nice drink to get next time you are in Mexico!

Well, there concludes another amazing day in Mexico, and that is not even the end of week one! Still have another 5 to be inspired, amazed and get on with learning the language.

Much love always,


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