Saturday, 26 May 2007

¿Que vas alli hoy?

What ARE we going to do today? As soon as I wake up I have no idea of what is to come in the day ahead. This one turned out to be a packed day, but I didnt know that until half way in.

A nice lazy wake up at 9.00 and a freezing cold shower that got warm as I was getting out... typical! A good start to the day. Then the family had gone for a walk so I had breakfast on my own, this wasnt so bad - they would be speaking spanish anyway. There wasnt really much cereal left, so I got the crumbs at the bottom of the pack... niiiiice.

After this we went to watch Yiyo and Stevie practice in a band, they were awesome... but I wasnt doing anything so was a little bit boring - I busted out the guitar and they seemed impressed for about 30 seconds, at which point I realised I didnt have anything else to show off... so I just repeated stuff again. Went round to the shop and got an 'Arizona', now that is a drink I would take my hat of too. Talking of hats I need to find and buy a sombrero - not a single Mexican will take me seriously without one.

Lunch was amazing. We went to some burger restaurant and I got the biggest burger I have ever seen! The medium size meal was bigger than the large size meals we have in England! A comment on the wrapping summed it all up, something about using more than one napkin... I cant really remember - so I am no use at all.

Groaning after the meal we stumbled into the park and played football with some of the kids who live in Arenales. That was a good laugh, but they tired me out! Following that we drove to a friends house, ate some more mexican food, made a few videos and then came home - where you find me now, updating facebook and writing to myself as I dont know if anyone is reading this.

¿Donde estan baño, por favour?




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