Sunday, 27 May 2007

Missing home and a home missing half a home.

Good Afternoon. Well, for you people in England (and im guessing it is only people in England that are reading this. I dont think anyone else would stumble upon this by chance) it is about 3.00. So, good night to you. If you are reading this as I post it you are stupid and should be sleeping!

Blog number 5 already! Im not really sure if I will be able to keep doing these soon as I will be moving to a different house soon and im not really sure what his computer situation is... oh well, lets hope he speaks at least some English! If you are a frequent visitor to my facebook then you will know by now that not much happened today, and the little that happend - I took alot of photos of it. Mostly photos of myself, but hey, who else would you want to see more of?

I think I started missing home abit today. It was mostly because I feel like an outsider trying to push there way into the circle here because I cant speak much Spanish at all. It means I cant really talk to anyone - and then when I do talk to someone it is the same conversation every time,

Hola, Buenas Dias. ¿Como estas?
Hola, muy bein, gracias. ¿Et toi?
Muy Bein. Adeious.

Im not even sure if that is spelt right (testiment to my spanish language skills) but thats what it sounds like in my head...

We did go out for a meal at lunch time, I had yet another big hamburger! After the meal all the adults talked for ages, in spanish, so me and the boyz (ghetto, I know) went to a local store to stock up on Arizona and candy. 'Candy' the americans are getting to me, my britishness is slipping away! I called football 'Soccor' the other day... not good.

After that we went up one of the huge hills to see a house that isnt quite finished yet (head over to facebook for the photos) and that was almost fun. The views from up there looking over the city were amazing so I was trigger happy once again.

Just one other thing... I just noticed it. I can always tell when they are saying something they dont want me to hear, they say it really quietly - I dont know if they know it... but I cant understand Spanish, so its all gobbly-de-gook to me anyway!

Well, that brings you up to speed with my Mexican world. There is a match on tv which is the final between two local teams, so I think I will watch that - after some food of course.

Love to all,


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