Monday, 28 May 2007

A familiar sounding Spanish sneeze...

Welcome, I will be your blogger this evening. In the event of an emergency the exits are here, here and here.

Another day goes by and yet my spanish is much the same as before. I did learn one new phrase, ¿De Donde Eres? - for you english folk - Where are you from? Maybe if I keep learning one new phrase every day I will be able to have a nice little conversation with a stranger. Talking to strangers... sometimes you get to talk to the nice Mexican people, always dropping in the odd 'Amigo' into conversation to keep you smiling... and then there are the stressed out Mexicans which arent so willing to bother with Amigoness.

Now, you might be intrigued by the title of this blog... Yesterday someone sneezed and I actually thought 'Wow, spanish sneezes sound just like english ones'. For that moment I was back at home, one of my family sneezing near me... but then I was snapped back into Mexico, the sneeze no longer lingered in the air but was replaced with the random words comonly known as Español.

I went into a school today to help out. It was my first day there and I was just shoved into the resource room, photocopying things for teachers. There is a little window where people can come up and ask for us and people kept coming to the window and saying something to me in spanish, then realising I was an english idiot... moved onto the next person. But all in all it was a good day, I actually quite enjoyed it in that little room. The people I worked with were really friendly and it was a laugh. They tried to teach me some spanish words for things in the room, but I cant remember a single one.

We had taco's for lunch today! Result! BUT, things turned nasty pretty quickly! Nacho (If you are going to have a Mexican name, what better name is there than Nacho) was eating a chilli, but he thought it was too hot. He asked if I wanted some, and naturally I took a huge bite - I thought thats how you ate them. Apparantly not. He was taking little nibbles of the chilli and he found it too hot. The only way to get away from the pain was to leave some water in my mouth for ages! My mouth still tingles now.

So, thats my day up till now. Its only 5.00 pm here so no doubt something will happen between now and the next blog, but I promise I will fill you in about that in the next one. For now, my love goes out to all. Espeacialy the lady of the notebook! I'm missing you loads me lady, and as soon as I get back get out your walking boots!

Hasta mañana,
Well, not so much SEE you tomorrow, but write to you tomorrow. I dont know that in Spanish...


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