Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Dream on.

Hola, another day another dollar and all that... Today was BUSY! Got up at 7.30 and I have only just got back to the Suarez home. Its now 10.11 pm, and that is going to be my regular day when things get sorted.

The day began with a nice cold shower, again it got warm as I was getting out. Then off in the car to the local school. 'The Abraham Lincoln School'. What did that guy, no hooligan, do to deserve getting a school named after him? It was back into the resource room, but only for 3 hours. Then it was off to learn how to use the local buses! A trip to Arenalus and back to see which bus I need to get to go play football with the street children, number 51-A if you are interested, and then a bus to the oasis project. This is a house that someone set up to take in children on the street, they have 9 kids living there on a permenant basis, and others who can come in to get meals and somewhere to stay over night.

At the end of the day I had to go to the church and wait to get a lift home - hence being so late back at base camp. (Not quite a camp, but im being languistically risky. I dont know if the spelling is right, but that is a fresh term you can use) The thing is, I like it when I have lots of things to do in such a busy day. It means that I sort of have a place in Mexico, im not just floundering about in someones shadow.

It looks like my Spanish will improve in the near future - I spoke to someone today who knows a contact who can teach me some Spanish! Good stuff! What they usually do is a 'language trade' - I teach them some English, they teach me some Spanish. Seems fair to me!

I think the Burn-to-Tan ratio has turned in my favour! Im pretty sure I am SLIGHTLY brown now. This might all change because tomorrow im helping to run the 'Mini-Olympics'. That is pretty much like our day of sport, so it will be alot of standing around in the sun waiting for something, anything, to happen. 'Mini-Olympics' such an inspiring title, but I bet every single kid there gets one of those medals you KNOW has come from Argos, no matter how well they do.

I have noticed today that even though I know thank you in Spanish, Gracias - just to prove it, the little I know, I have to take pride in, I am still just saying 'Thank you' this moved on to whenever I got in someone's way I said 'Sorry' instead of 'Lo siento'. I just find it stupid that im not even using the little bit of Spanish I do know. Things are going to change right about NOW. So, gracias for reading my blog. Lo siento if its not good enough for you.

I have been having some weird dreams lately. One was me watching my self asleep, then I wake up and say, in Spanish, something to Oscar and then go back to sleep. I think I said something about a shoe. Its weird that you can't remember dreams the second you wake up... The next was someone stealing my ipod, but Mrs Hawley was there and all I can remember was explaining to her that it was my ipod, and that I wanted to get it back. This got me thinking ('Oh No' I hear you cry) do you think we have any choice in our dreams? Or is it just a movie that we have to watch from a first person perspective. There you go, something to think about through your day! The only thing is you are never really going to get the same dream twice, and so you are never going to have the option of going 'the other way'. Oh well, thinking is good. I like think.

I did promise to fill you in on the evening activites from yesterday. I helped build a treehouse. Happy now?

It dosnt really seem I have covered much in this blog, even though I have had a real busy day. Thats just how things go I guess. I am real tired so maybe that is the reason, exuses exuses. I had a really good idea on how to finish blog... but I have forgotten it, SO I will just finish it off in the regular way,

Love always,


One other thing, just to ruin what would be a beautiful ending, the computer that I use to go on the internet dosn't want to let me read the comments. So if you have written a comment of praise (if it is hatred somehow I will delete it) , and I know I have millions of fans out there, im sorry if I havnt replied. Someday soon I will get there, maybe tomorrow, but probably, possibly and definetly not.

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