Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Suncream, Hands, Hair and Hi's.

I think I should be an olympic swimmer.

Perhaps thats what I should be aiming for - what better training than to swim back from Mexico, right? Well, maybe I am exagerating just slightly - I DID do 30 lengths of the pool here, but it is hardly an olympic size one. It isnt even a half size. Merely a quarter size, BUT the 30 lengths I did might count for 1 olympic length... 'might'. The reason I mention this is because today I helped out with the 'Mini Olympics'. Sounds impressive, yes? No. I was a referre for the vollyball games. No, not even that, I counted the score for the vollyball games. A million miles away from the medal podium, but hey, small steps right? I had to stay and pack up all the equipment and naturally there werent enough seats to get us all back to the school. I ended up, quite literally, sitting out of the window driving down the main roads. The only reasoning for this act of desperation was 'Well, its the Mexican way'. I didnt have the heart to disagree.

This morning I realised that it was that time of the week when I feel half like a man. I needed to shave. I was quite impressed with the one today - nice and smooth, like a baby's bottom? Perhaps. I dont think I have ever felt a baby's bottom, so im not really sure. And this time I didnt even use shaving foam. Stop what you are doing. Breath. Dont get too excited. Most men might use some aftershave. Me? No. I found something alot worse. From my previous holidays my family and friends would know that I am not what you call a 'tanner' more of a 'lobster wannabe' and so I slapped on the suncream, and plenty of it, straight away. Word of warning: Dont do it. Its a killer - it takes aftershave for a run atleast. BUT atleast I stayed nice and Britishly white.

Between the intensive counting sessions at the games I had quite a lot of time just to think, again people all around the world (or oxted) cry out in disbelife... mostly because I can't spell disbelife, but some because im thinking, and I came up with 3 different subjects, all of which are happenin' H's.


You learn something new everyday. Today I learnt some good old hand gestures, of which I am good enough to teach to you so that if you go to Mexico you might get a little respect from the locals, as you take pictures of everything that moves of course. Firstly the 'Thank You' gesture. This is one that feels a bit weird. Basically you show the back of your hand to someone. Simple - but us Brits are used to the 'thank you wave'. So it feels a bit odd. Next is the one for 'Yes'. Its just one finger waggling with the back of your hand to you. If you can't imagine what that is as soon as I am back I will say Yes, mexicanly, to everyone. What good is 'Yes' if you dont know 'No' (you know?) it is just as simple. Just wave one finger from side to side like the 'No dont do that' kind of thing. Lastly is the 'In a moment', im not really sure how common this bad boy is, but heck, I have enough time to tell you about it. This one is just like you are showing someone how small something is, using your thumb and first finger (Im never really sure on the names of the fingers, so if thats wrong I meant the one next to the thumb.) There you go, you are practically Mexican now, just go outside and get loads of people to ride in the back of a pick up truck and you are there.


The temptation to grow a beard or a sneaky little moustache is huge. Everywhere you look there are beards and moustaches - Men, Boys, Dogs, Women... It feels like 'If you want to be one of us, get some facial hair' The only reason I had that shave in the morning was because I was going into a school, and I thought I should look at least a little bit presentable, but i tell you this, as the 7th graders couldnt get the serve over the net I was regretting it.


Something I miss loads, I realised today, is that I can no longer say hi to everyone in the street. Back in sunny Oxted I knew quite alot of people, so there was always some comfort in walking down the highstreet being able to have your place, to communicate with people wandering around. Not so much in Mexico, I either annoy some Mexicans in the ways that only a foreign person could, or wave at the wrong person and have a nice friendly gang after me.

Finally, a quick burn ratio update. Im pretty sure that, after the day in the sun, the ratio has shifted in favour of the burn. It dosn't help that when I finished swimming I went to town on drying off my neck. Raw is the only word that fits the moment, but at least I am now a delightful shade of pink.

Thank you for your time in reading this blog, I hope you have had a pleasent stay. You may leave your luggage at reception for the remainder of the day, if you wish.

Love always,


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keithpeterclarke said...

Phil I just love reading your blog!! You have so made me laugh!! Well done - but sounds like you're quite enjoying writing it anyways!! At least you get to talk English with someone! Brilliant to hear all the things you're doing, thinking, how your tan's coming along etc. Glad you're being kept busy! Are you still feeling really tired or is that wearing off?
Don't know if you'll be able to read this yet. You said there had been a problem. Hope that's sorted!
Well, we'll look forward to the next instalment! Everyone sends their love to you from home! Mucho amor or however you say that in Espanol. We love you Mum and all xxxxxxxxxxx