Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Marking the end of Mexico. Still to come: San Francisco and America

Blog number 37 marks the last blog that I will do in Mexico on these travels. Who knows, maybe some time in the future I will return to Mexico and hit out another entry, but for now, the end. So no longer will your mouth be burned by the Mexican chili in my words, nor will your state of mind be tainted by the tequila flavour in my sentences. I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

So tomorrow at 9 I will be leaving this glorious land on the back of Mexicana. I tell you one thing, THEY HAD BETTER HAVE MOVIES, or I will be kicking off! At 2.20 pm tomorrow I will be in San Francisco and about to traipse up to the hostel I have booked. I am really excited about starting this second part of my travels! It feels like right now I am back at home, on the verge of a completely new adventure into the states. I'm still yet to meet the people actually on the tour with me as well as the people from the hostel... but they cant be that bad right? Anyway, my iPod is fixed so I'm not even going to talk to them once. Just get off the bus to take pictures then get back on. I'm living the American dream. But really I am really excited at meeting new people! Already my MSN contact list is an international, even inter racial, list! I wont know whether to ¡Hola! or Hello people to begin conversations!

I remembered the forgotten point about the bus-
3. The bus driver just does what he wants, when he wants. I have seen them get off the bus to pay their phone bill, to get some water from a road side vendor or go into a store to get some food. Its not like they do it at the end of the line, they just do it when the feeling hits them! If that happened in England there would be plenty of complaints! Even when buses are on time the British do grumble!
4. People NEVER sit in the window seat. They always sit on the aisle seat. Even when people are standing in the aisle waiting for a seat. I don't know where I got it from, I think it was an advert, but I thought the Mexicans are intrusive of personal space - they wouldn't really mind sitting next to a stranger. Now, that might be completely wrong but meh, it kind of makes sense.

What happened today? I hear you ask. Well. It was a late wake up, again. I figured that because I am having an early wake up tomorrow (I have to be at the airport at 7am. The airport is at least an hour away...) I was allowed to have longer in bed this morning. Well, I woke up and showered and called around the Mexico team to see if some of the crew wanted to do something today - go to the cinema, just hang out - before I went home tomorrow. It all sounded quite good - one guy was going to call every one else to find out what they were doing. Perfect. I just went online and chatted to some of the home team! It was good because I don't really know, past San Francisco, how much I'm going to be able to talk to the home Crew. My heart goes out to the lady of the notebook! I hope you do feel better soon! After about an hour the guy called me back with some brilliant news. Everyone was busy. I was going to be on my own for my last day. Awesome. I went around to an Internet cafe as the computer at G's house just doesn't cut it! I watched some Ricky Gervais stand up on YouTube and then decided that I was going to do something on my last day, even if it was going to be on my own! So I went back to G's, got my things and hopped onto the 629 bus. Destination: Galerias. I went around to the cinema and managed to get myself a ticket to see Oceans 13, I even managed to make sure the film was in English. Impressive, no?. Well, quite simply 'no'. All I did was keep repeating 'Inglais' with a graceful shrug of the shoulders until she could decipher what I meant and replied that it was in Inglais. It only cost me $39!! That's only under £2!! And this was a good cinema! The seats were real comfortable and reclined quite a bit, it was nice and air conditioned and the screen was massive. I just sat there on my own, sipping my coke and waiting for the ocean to revel itself to me. It was a pretty good film. I recommend it to all you readers.

I was getting peckish after the film so I headed over the Carl Jr's, that's the burger restaurant that I had with Nacho back in the first week. Remember? If not you can read those past blogs in a couple of clicks. Go on, refresh your memory. It will do you good. I had the same burger and it went down a treat. The best thing about the meal was ordering. It just like the regular order but instead of having you wait in line for your food they give you a chunky coaster. It has lights flashing on it and everything! I didn't really know what to do so I just took my coke and went to sit down. As soon as I sat down this coaster thing started flashing and vibrating! I just headed back to the counter to see what had happened and there was my food, waiting for me! I was amazed! They just page you, through the coaster when the food is ready. What an awesome country. All I have left in my wallet now is a $200 note and a $20 note. I want to keep the $20 note because that is what a pound is worth. I have kept a $1 bill from America, when I went on my 18th, so I wanted to save this from Mexico. The only thing is that I only had $3 pesos change. I needed $4.50 for the bus. After rummaging in my bag a bit I managed to dig out another peso. I just needed .50 more! I searched all my pockets and bag but nothing. I ended up just walking around the mall looking down at the floor for some spare change. I don't have the confidence, nor the language, to be able to haggle with the bus driver. I do know how to ask for some change "Tiene cincuenta centimos cambio" (I dont really know if that is spelt correctly, but at least I know how to say it) - Do you have 50 cents change? but I thought it was a bit cheeky seeing that I did have the money in my wallet, but I just didn't want to spend it. I walked around quite a bit to no joy. I saw a couple of shops down a pet store that I wanted to check out. This store had everything! Ferrets, Lizards, Tarantulas, Parrots, Dogs, Rabbits and much more! I checked some out and turned around. There gleaming up at me was a $1 peso coin! I swiftly sidled over and picked it up! I even had a plan to make it look natural. I would drop one of my coins so that it looked like I had dropped some money and just pick it all up, $1 the richer. There we go! I was free to get the bus home and was able to save my $20!

I had a BIT of trouble with the washing today... I thought that seeing I was starting a fresh, so to speak, in America I may as well go with a bag full of clean clothes. It makes sense. So, I put the clothes into the washer and started it going. I went back upstairs to check emails and what not. 20 mins later I hear alot of running water downstairs. I run downstairs and discover a pipe hanging out of the back of the machine and water pouring out of it. I waited until the machine had finished its spin and the water stopped pouring. I simply plugged the pipe back in again and started it all over again. I don't see how all that plumber malarky is so tricky. I should have charged G for fixing the machine... So, the washing, second time round, went through with no problem and I got it all out to try. I left it later in the afternoon when I went to the cinema. That is the one problem with cinemas, you cant see what is going on outside. It had rained. No, it had poured. By the time I got back it was like my clothes had had another wash. I didn't know wheter to risk leaving them out over night (I didn't really know why I thought to leave them - I'm pretty sure the sun wasn't going to change and come out again at 12.00...) or bring them in and spread them out to dry over night. I went for the latter option and so at the moment I am surrounded by shirts, socks and boxers on the floor, check the pic of the day. I'm not that hopeful of a full recovery, and come morning they are going to have to go in that bag dry or not. I will just have to find a laundrette in San Fran to finish of the dry. My floor, at the moment, resembles a really bad art attack. Enough said.

The film the Sum of all Fears (La Suma de Todas los Miedos) is on the TV but it is in Spanish and that SAP mode isn't working! Why have a film, that is initially in English translated into Spanish and not even have both versions going out at the same time. I'm annoyed because I would have liked to watch that film again. No-one knows this but it is this film that inspired me to sign my name as [clarke], they do it at some point when talking to each other. The other thing about Spanish television is that you are taken completely by surprise when the adverts come on! One second it is The Simpsons and the next they are trying to persuade you to but everything under the sun! There is no warning, no 'Part 2 after the break', they just hit you with advert after advert!

Ladies and Gentlemen that is the end of the Mexican blogs. From now onwards all my blogs will have an American undercurrent. I'm not sure whether that is a good thing, but at least it will be of the same language as us, even if they speak it badly!

Love always,


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