Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Thats one small step for man, A mexican step for Phil Clarke

Hi All!

I have arrived, engulfed into the world of Guadalajara! The weather is amazing, around about 32 degrees today! And boy am I happy Tom gave me that 50+ suncream for my birthday! The family I am staying with have a pool, so I have just had a dip and now I have retreated into the cool of the house to 'geek it up' a bit - photos are being uploaded, blog created and facebook comments sent. A job well done.

Tonight I am going to the cinema with the family - im am not sure if it is going to be dubbed Spanish or just have Spanish subtitles - but im going to soon find out!

Im still pretty tired having flown over here yesterday! Last night I got into bed at 6am UK time, when it was only about 11 here!

Well, now that this is set up and running as it should I will leave you there. Dont worry, your not missing anything today, all I have done is go to an office and a bank! Im sure soon I will have something more substantial to say - for example on Friday im going into a local school to help out. Im sure I will have plenty to see when the day is done!

I am missing all of you loads, friends and family alike. But you will be happy to know that I already love Mexico and am having an amazing time - and its only been one day!

Much love to anyone who reads this,


p.s. Happy Birthday Gabby!

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