Saturday, 23 June 2007

The last of the week. Or a week to last. Im pretty sure that dosnt even make sense.

Right... now to go ahead with the actual day blog. I thought it would be a nice little quick update earlier to give you a flavour of the day so far. You might have guessed that it has started out as a very good day! Im sitting in an internet cafe right now and I was able to listen my iPod on the journey down to the geek room. Going without music for a while really makes it awesome the next time you listen to it! I love listening to music and so the week or so without it was torture.

Like I said im in the internet cafe at the moment so I will add on the picture of the day when I get back to G's house. Taking advantage of the 'save as a draft' feature as well... result. That little guy automatically saves when I stop writing and it has saved my fingers from writing out blogs all over when the power cuts hit me.

Edit: The pic of the day isnt of the day, but of yesterday. There is still a day in there so no complaints please! It shows my heroic efforts in the library at the school. I am sure I dont have to point out to you how professional those bookshelves look, nor the skilled handiwork when it comes to the corners, not an easy feat I will have you know. For now, bask in the glory that is a plastic covered library, content in the knowledge that someday I will, perhaps, teach you to be as advanced as me in this particular field.

Back to the day in hand, this blog is another early one as it is only 8.20. Usually the blogs are coming at you at about 12 o clock. Not today, like I said before a change is coming. That or I have nothing else to do and so I thought I would fill my time talking to you, which is only slightly better than doing nothing. I kid, I like writing to you. Honest.

Started out with a nice lie in today - which is probably the reason for such a good day. Whenever someone has a good day you can assume that they had a lie in. Whoever they are. I set out down to the church to practice in the worship band. There was a posibility that I could play with them - but I only have two sundays left - one tomorrow (which leaves no time for practice) and one next week. The thing is im going to the beach tomorrow, more on that later, so I wouldnt really have any time, or a guitar, to practice with. So, it looks like for the rest of my Sundays I will be sitting in the congregation without a clue what is being said around me. Sounds like fun. After the practice I escaped to a computer where I saw, from Mr Heaths direction, an awesome video that you should check out - Give it time ok? The first bit is a bit lame but once it gets started you are hooked.

After that I thought it would give my iPod some thought. I guessed that it was my charger that wasnt really working - so I went to the mall 'Gallerias' with Paul and we hunted down a charger. Found one easy enough and left the store. I found a plug in an arcade and sneakily stole some power - you know what im talking about... The charger didnt work. I took the charger back to the store becuase it was just working like my charger at home. They said some spanish to me and I guessed they wanted to know why I wanted to return it. I explained in some beautiful spanglish about my problem, but they wernt convinced. I let them use my iPod to make sure they saw it didnt work. They went off and they found out that it didnt work - I could have told them that, well... I did tell them that - it was just the english version. They wernt happy with that so they got a different charger to test with - and someone fresh came over to have a look. I have NO IDEA what he did, but it worked! My iPod came back to life coughing and spluttering like a drowning dog. I could have kissed the guys behind the counters but I dont think they would have appreciated that. I walked out of the store the happiest person in the mall with a spring in my step and a working iPod in my pocket. The only question now is to find out how I can update my iPod on someones computer without all my songs being deleted. Any ideas anyone?

After that we walked over to the 'TAP Coach' counter and asked how much it costs to get to Mazatlan and when the coach's left Guadalajara. I walked away $700 the poorer (thats only about £35 - for the two of us on a 6 hour bus ride thats pretty good!) - If it feels like there was a break in the writing flow here it is because my hour ran out, I paid up the $15 to the clerk and walked back to G's house. Without further-a-do I shall continue, if that is ok with you. - So that is only about £17.50 each way. Not bad, not bad! We were quite proud of ourselves as we walked out the room - not only had we taken initiative and booked the coach ride ourselves, we had done it using the limited Spanish we know. iPod and Coach sorted. Awesome.

We walked proudly out of gallerias (after checking the cinema - there wasnt really anything on that either of us wanted to see. Im sure Oceans 13 has been released in England, but not here. I just assumed that it would release in America first and then it would drift down through Mexico, I was wrong.) and hopped onto a bus to go back to Paul's house just to chill out a bit and eat some food. Paul had a basketball match at 7 so I re-hopped onto a bus and came home to finish off charging the iPod - it feels good to be able to write that. On the way back I picked up a nice big bag of oreos and 1.892 litres of Milk. Im sure that it would be too much more hassle to make the bottle hold 2 litres. I dont see any reason to be so specific, im sure if you put 2 litres on there anyway Sello, the milk distributor, would not get hundreds of angry letters from disgruntled milk fans! Once I actually got home I gave up trying to use the internet on his computer and headed on down to a local internet cafe. Result. There I was able to watch some youtube videos, jack johnson videos and surfing videos. Its all in the preperation. As well as this I sneakily downloaded the latest version of iTunes onto one of the computers in the cafe - I though maybe they would have an option to manually upload songs onto the iPod. That means that the computer wouldnt delete all the songs - but just let me add some to my iPod. I know there is an option to do this when the iPod in the computer, but by this time the iPod would have synced and hence all the songs, that are not in the library on the computer, would have been deleted. Leaving me with only some weird Spanish songs that I have no intention of ever reaching my ear drums. Well, it is an ongoing battle with iTunes to make my dreams a reality, it could be time to hit the Apple support forum again. Wish me luck.

I just posted this blog and realised that I hadnt even included a song of the day. It seemed a bit stupid that the day that my iPod is fixed I dont have a song of the day. Here it comes, ready for it?

Must've Fallen - Ben Taylor

I checked his MySpace and its one of the songs he has on there. Check it out.

So, apart from the 6 hour coach ride, we are practically already at the beach. My feet are already wet with the oceans water and most probably I already look like an idiot doing my best at surfing but ultimatly looking a prat. Most importantly I am already burnt from head to foot. My bags are packed and both of our tickets are in my wallet right now. I just went to check that they are in my wallet, I would not want to turn up tomorrow at the coach depot ticketless and have to explain in some form of spanish that we did actually pay for them. Well, because of my beach adventure, and the lack of a computer, this is going to be the last you will hear from me in about a week. I do hope you have an awesome week and that you grow in wisdom, beauty and awe of me, your blogger, Philip Clarke.

Love always,


As you wont be hearing from me for a while, have an extra photo. A gift from me to you. From King to servant.

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